You live in England and you want to sell your Parisian apartment? It is now possible from abroad to sell your apartment with a local Parisian expert using all the digital technology to do so remotely. The web makes it easy to quickly find your French estate agency from abroad. Be careful, not all of them have a digital approach that allows you to carry out your transaction from the UK. What are the steps to sell from the UK? Do I have to go to the notary? Who can sell my French property quickly ? What documents do I need to provide in order to successfully sell my property from the UK ? Isabelle, a real estate expert at OprixFixe will answer these questions to help you sell your property from England with peace of mind.

Which real estate agency should I choose to sell from London (UK)?

When you want to sell your property from England, it is essential to find a real estate agency you can trust to sell your property abroad at the best net selling price. This obligatory accompaniment must be done with the understanding that you will not be on site for the handing over of the keys, the signing of the property sale mandate and the various contract signatures at the notary's office. Finding the real estate agency that can take care of everything then becomes essential! With the internet, the choice is wide: choose an online estate agency such as OprixFixe or a more traditional estate agency. The important thing is to get a quality service from England at the best price.

The services that an estate agency should offer

For English women selling in France, a real estate agency must offer you at least these services to sell efficiently from the UK:
  • Estimation of the marketing price;
  • Realization of the photographs;
  • Taking care of the real estate diagnostics;
  • Creation and distribution of the sale advertisement;
  • Search for a buyer;
  • Real estate negotiation and obtaining offer to purchase;
  • Accompaniment for the signature of the promise of sale and deed of sale at the notary's office.
  • Choice of a traditional estate agency
Should I choose a traditional agency to sell my property from England? A traditional estate agency is used to sell homes in a given geographical area. Estate agents are trained to sell properties within a small area. An immediate proximity with their selling client, which has not allowed them to develop digital tools, to carry out real estate sales at a distance. You can't throw stones at them, it's the economic model of a sector real estate franchise that wants that. Selling your English property with a traditional agency represents a risk of non-digital service from abroad. If a traditional real estate agency is not efficient to sell my property from England, what are the other solutions on the real estate market?

Choosing an online estate agency

Is choosing an online estate agency to sell from England an effective way to sell? Real estate experts accustomed to digital tools to meet the needs of their clients remotely. When you want to sell an apartment or a house from the UK, the choice is between working with an offline estate agency, an agent or a digital estate agency. The ultimate goal of an owner-seller is to sell at the best price and to be able to delegate the sale of his property completely. The real estate agencies on the net offer the same service as a classical agency without physical point and with a strong digital approach. No more problems for the remote signature of mandates or the signature of the deed of sale at the notary's office, indeed the online agency takes care of everything for you.

Commission for selling from England

I wish to sell my apartment from England, it is natural to wonder how much the real estate agent's commission costs? Agency fees are a percentage of the net selling price. There is no regulation or law that regulates agency fees. When you decide to sell a property by working with a property negotiator, you are paid according to success. The agency fees of a real estate agency are about 5%. From England, it is possible to reduce the bill by working with an online estate agent. Indeed, the digital agency offers a remuneration that is half the price of a sector agency. A fixed commission on the transaction of 1.99% regardless of the market value of the property. More transparency when selling UK properties.