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Where and how to look for a property?

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Between the browsing of ads and the visit of apartments or houses that stand out from the rest, searching for a property can take a long time. As is often the case in the real estate market, it is possible to save time if you have the right financial means. There are several options available to you, depending on the time and budget you are willing to devote to your research.

Well, if you have decided to become a homeowner or are currently looking for a new home, then you know what kind of challenge it is. The search for a property can be a long-term mission. Fortunately, you are not alone. In this website, we have collected some practical and useful advice to assist you in the quest for a new real estate property of our own.

Private search

To avoid maximum costs, many buyers first turn to transactions between individuals. That's a good idea to start looking for a property.

Real estate agencies

Most of them operate as a network and have a physical shop and/or a website where they refer to the properties for which they are mandated.

Property hunters

The property hunter is a person in charge of finding the property of your dreams, taking into account all your requirements and constraints.

Real estate agency : benefits and drawbacks

They listen to your needs

A real estate agent can help you identify your needs and suggest to you the properties that can meet them. He/she can help you ask yourself the right questions to define your project.

Access to many offers

Understandably, many rela estate ads are available online, but if you don't have time to devote to your research, it is in your best interest to trust a real estate agent.

Professional guarantee

Using the help of an agency is a guarantee. The real estate agent must hold a professional card and must regularly follow training courses in order to master the latest legislation...

Additional agency fees

Once the agreement is signed, you will have to pay a usually quite high commission. In contast, when buying a property privately, there is obviously no additional fees to be paid.

No obligation of results

A real estate agency has no obligation to achieve a result. It should provide the right means. In other words, it must do its utmost to achieve the objectives and find the ideal property.

No contact with the owner

It is not possible to contact the owner of the property for sale. Contact with a real estate agent is mandatory to obtain information on the property you have identified.

Find a property online

Trouver une propriété qui correspond parfaitement à vos besoins et attentes n’est pas une tâche facile. Entre les critères essentiels nécessaires et le temps à investir dans la recherche, la tâche peut être très ardue. Depuis l’avènement d’Internet, il est possible de faire et d’ INVESTIR aujourd’hui grâce à des plateformes en ligne. Si vous avez du mal à trouver la meilleure maison ou appartement pour vous, c’est le moment de chercher en ligne !

How to buy a property at an auction?

Buying at an auction can be the best way to find properties that escape traditional sales channels, especially those between individuals and those using the help of real estate agents. This obviously requires being well informed!

As a general rule, a property sold at an auction has an attractive price, below that of the market rate. But that does not mean that it will be sold at that exact price. It is a kind of call price, an amount that is most often at 80% of its appraisal value!

Find the right real estate rental

Advertisements for real estate rental are fairly easy to find. But how can you be sure that it is the right living space for you? Here are some tips to guide you through your housing search and help you find the ideal property.

You will find real estate ads everywhere: mainly online and on the internet and in newspapers mainly. Don’t forget the windows of real estate agencies: they regularly put ads in the window and also publish lists of available housing.

Speaking directly to a landlord allows you to possibly negotiate a rent reduction against work, for example, and exempts you from real estate agency fees. With the help of a professional, you can refine your needs, and save a lot of time. A real estate agent often has a large portfolio of offers and can advise you on the right house based on your demands.

How to find holiday accommodation easily

Summer and winter alike, we all need and want to escape our daily lives in order to get some fresh air, relax or go on an adventure. Planning a vacation would be a good idea…Read our articles and learn our best tips to get away on a cheap holiday and pick the perfect vacation rental.

If you want to find a cheap holiday rental, you’ll always find yourself spoilt for choice between numerous gerat destinations and types of holiday accommodation: bungalow, gîte, apartment, villa by the sea, villa with swimming pool, chalet, mobile home etc….

Depending on the type of accommodation you prefer, you can already save money! Indeed if you are going on holiday with friends or family, a house or villa rental would be a great choice. You can easily share the costs between you and above all, you will have the possibility to prepare your meals while taking advantage of the kitchen and equipment available. The same goes for chalets which are often friendly and intimate spaces…